Tuesday, February 27, 2018

T-Mobile announces 5G in 30 cities by the end of 2018

T-Mobile announced from Mobile World Congress (MWC) that they will have 5G (1GB speeds) in 30 cities by the end of 2018 starting with Los Angeles, Dallas and Las Vegas.

5G technology is the next step in mobile data that carriers are trying to field and deploy in 2018.  5G promises to deliver over 1GB speeds (about 5 to 10 times faster than your home internet) over cellular signals.

In typical John Legere fashion, the announcement came at the expense of downplaying Verizon and AT&T offerings by stating that even though Verizon and AT&T might be first to market with 5G, you can't get those speeds with your phone. 

“Dumb and Dumber are in a meaningless race to be first. Their so-called 5G isn’t mobile, and it’s not even on a smartphone. It’s a puck?! You gotta be pucking kidding me!”  -  CEO John Legere

The term "puck" refers to a mobile hotspot that was hugely popular a few years ago before the availability of mobile data in everything which is todays reality.

In the announcement, T-Mobile states that the phones able to take advantage of the 5G network won’t be available until “early next year” (read: Samsung S10) so don’t expect to see 1GB download speeds on your phones this year.  T-Mobile takes the “not first, but best” approach to its network deployment.

Read the full press release here.

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