Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Amazon Prime phones are losing ads, but not the discount

Amazon Prime phones with ads are losing the ads, but not the discount they come with.  Amazon sent out an email to people who've purchased unlocked phones with Prime ads letting customers know that they will release an app in the Google Play Store that will remove the ads from the lockscreen.

Amazon sells unlocked phones with a big discount if you allow them to show you ads on the lockscreen.  Amazon calls them Prime Exclusive Phones with ads, and they are an amazing deal if you can overlook ads placed in your notifications.

The discount on these phones can be anywhere from $50 on cheaper sub $200 phones, or substancial $300 discounts on high end phones like the LG G6.  The discount makes it a no brainer choice for those looking for a backup phone, kid's phone, or a phone replace a broken phone to hold you over until you qualify for an upgrade.

If you stayed away from Amazon phone because you didn't like the ads, now might be your opportunity to check them out.

Check out the full email Amazon sent on 6 February below:

Hi Christopher,
We wanted to provide you with an important update about your Prime Exclusive Phone.
Starting February 6, we will begin rolling out an Amazon Offers app update to disable lockscreen offers and ads on Prime Exclusive Phones. This will allow you to more easily use your phone's mobile unlock technology, as well as personalize your lockscreen with a photo or wallpaper.
When the Amazon Offers app update is available for your Prime Exclusive Phone, you can find it in the “My apps & games” section of the Google Play Store. Downloading this update will disable lockscreen offers and ads on your device. If you have enabled auto-updates in the Google Play Store, your phone will automatically update after you connect it to Wi-Fi.
Prime Exclusive Phones will still be available at a discount for Prime members and will be available unlocked, giving you the freedom and flexibility to choose the wireless carrier and service that best fit your needs. Prime Exclusive Phones will continue to provide access to pre-installed Amazon apps, including the Amazon Widget app.

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