Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Google Pixel announcement on 4 Oct

Google announced a few new and updated devices at their Google Pixel event today.

First up is Google Home Mini which is a smaller $49 version of the Google Home. It is a direct competitor with the Echo Dot in that it will do everything the bigger Google Home will do, but with a smaller speaker and a more compact size.

Next up is the Google Home Max which is a full-sized speaker version of the Google Home priced at $399. This will have bigger tweeters, drivers and have a fuller sound capable of filling up a room with quality sound. The speaker is supposed to have sensors that will bounce off the walls to recognize where the speaker is in the room and adjust its sound accordingly. 

The Google Pixelbook was next and it starts at $999. This is the latest version of the Pixel laptop/Chromebook that mimics the half metal, half glass look of the Pixel phones. The key feature of this laptop is that it will come with Google Assistant built that can be triggered by a button or by saying, “Ok Google”. Another feature built into the Pixelbook is the fact that if the laptop can’t find a good Wi-Fi signal, it will automatically tether to a Pixel phone and use data from the phone. A $99 Pixelbook Pen is available and will function just like any other stylus on the market. The key feature of the Pen is that if you hold the button and circle something on the screen it will trigger Google Assistant to search for whatever picture or text was circled.

Pricing starts at $999 for a core i5, 128GB, 8GB RAM, core i5 256GB, 8GM RAM is $1199, core i7 512GB, 16GB RAM will be $1649.

Pixel 2 phones were announced and once again will have one of the best cameras on the market. They will be water resistant, and have the latest Snap Dragon 835 processors. The smaller 5” Pixel will come in 3 colors, Just Black, Clearly White, and Kinda Blue and start at $649 for 64GB.  128GB will cost $749 and come in the same 3 colors.

Pixel 2 XL is a larger 6” version that keeps all the same internals, but only comes in two colors, Just Black, and Black & White (Panda). The XL will start at $849 for 64GB and $949 for 128GB.

Google DayDream View is updated with newer materials and colors to match the Google Home line. Nothing special if you ask me.

Pixel buds are a new product that was announced priced at $159 and come in the same 3 colors as the Pixel phone. The key feature for the wireless ear buds is once again Google Assistant built in. No need to pull out your phone to get directions, answer your question, or translate. Yes, the Pixel Buds will translate languages in real time.

Lastly Google Clips was announced which to me looks and functions like a body cam for normal people for $249. You can mount the camera on something and it will automatically take pictures and videos that will be edited automatically in Google Photos. If anyone uses Google Photos now, you should know that Photos will sometimes send you notifications that it compiled similar photos into a collage, or made a short video with your pics and videos. It’s a neat feature of Photos that I honestly never use. Clips will essentially do the same, but instead of having to get your phone out to get that candid picture, the idea is that Clips will have already taken the pictures and video to go along with it.

Let me know what you thought was the best and worst announcement today. For me, the best was the Pixel Buds, and the Google Clips was the worst.

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