Thursday, April 14, 2016

New Kindle Oasis E-reader announced

Source: Amazon

Amazon unveiled the latest edition of their Kindle line up called the Oasis bringing their E-reader lineup to 5 total devices.  With the Oasis you'll have a Kindle with the longest battery life that's further supported with a leather cover that also hold a battery and charges the Oasis while connected.

Source: Amazon
The Oasis model has a new design that supposed to mimic holding an actual book.  The hump is where the battery is held so it makes the rest of the Oasis pretty thin and light.  The screen rotates so you can hold it in either hand.

On the hump there are two buttons that you can press that will change pages back and forth for one handed use.  You can still flip pages using the screen if you choose as well.

The screen size is still 6" and 300ppi which matches the other kindles of the past but the Oasis has 10 LEDs for better control over the backlight.

The cases come in three colors:  Black, Merlot, and Walnut

The only downside I see to the new Kindle Oasis is the cost.  This thing will put a dent in your wallet to the tune of $289.  If you want the 3G version, tack on another $70 for a total of $359.  If you don't like seeing ads on the screen when it's turned off, you'll have to tack on another $20 to get the version without "Special offers".  You have to seriously love reading books if you want this thing.

For the same cost of the Oasis you can get two Kindle Paperwhites and a $50 fire tablet just for kicks!

Check them out here:  Amazon

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