Thursday, March 31, 2016

Amazon dash buttons for EVERYTHING!

Amazon has been testing out its dash buttons for almost a year and now they have opened the program up to almost every home use item possible.

The Amazon dash button is a small device that you can place around your house that's linked to reordering a product from Amazon.  For example, you can have one for toilet paper in your bathroom so when you are close to running out, you can just press a button and order more.

The dash button program used to be limited to just main household items that you reuse like paper towels, soap, laundry detergent, etc but now it's open to almost anything you use inside of your home.

Literally everything you use in your home from soap, to makeup, coffee, baby food, pet food, even condoms are available to use with the dash button.  

The way it works is, you pick a button for a brand that you use.  Then you pay $4.99 for the button, but you get credited that $4.99 back to your account when you set up a button.  Pick your brand, pick the product you want from that company and you're all set.  

For example, you pick a Tide button then link it to the type of Tide detergent that you use.  When you get the button, you use double sided tape to mount that button in your laundry room.  Now, when you're running low, you just press the button while doing laundry and your order is sent to amazon.

The fail safe from placing multiple orders at once is that when you press the button, you'll get an alert on your phone that an order was placed and you aren't able to make another order with the button until the first order has been delivered.  This will eliminate a young child pressing the button like crazy while unsupervised in the laundry room.

Amazon is on pace to automate your entire home, are you ready for it?

Source:  Amazon

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