Monday, February 29, 2016

Social engineering hack

If you've ever wanted to know how 90% of all companies and people get hacked, watch this video.  You can start at the 37:50 mark, but Leo Laporte will explain how social engineering was used to hack a guy who asked people to hack him.  He thought he was secure and smart and it couldn't be done and the simplest techniques took him down and gave hackers FULL CONTROL of his computer.
A simple phone call gave hackers full control of his cell phone account and actually locked him out of his own account while adding a line.

Clicking on a simple link in an email to his website gave hackers full control of his computer.  They made a popup for windows 10 appear on his computer which he clicked and that allowed hackers to install a keylogger to gain access to his 1password giving them access to ALL of his passwords.  They even took control of his webcam and home camera allowing them to spy on him whenever they wanted.

This my friends, is why even strong passwords won't keep you safe!

Source:  TWiT

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