Wednesday, February 24, 2016

New Facebook buttons are live

A few weeks ago I mentioned how Facebook was finally going to add more ways to "like" posts on their website.  Well, that ability to do more than just like a post is now finally live for everyone.

Instead of just "liking" a post,  you can Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and be Angry about posts.  This fixes a problem and only Facebook could have created.

Previously, if someone posted something that was sad, users were in a conundrum if they should like the post because are they showing support or liking the fact that someone is upset?  Even worse, are they liking the fact that someone lost a loved one?

With the new buttons, you can show that you are sad about something, say "haha" when someone posts something funny, "love" a picture or post, or even be angry if the post warrants those emotions.

In order to get to the new versions of the like button, you can hover over the like button with your cursor if you're on a computer or long press if you're on a mobile device.  This will bring up the six different versions of the like button and allow you to choose which one is appropriate.

You can only use these buttons if you're going to like the original post.  You don't get the same options if you are trying to like a reply or comment to the original post.  There's no word if Facebook will bring the option to replies and comments, but it makes sense not to have it there.  If someone posted that they won the lottery for a million dollars, that's worthy of a like, love or wow.  But if someone replied that they were happy for them, liking that comment is good enough since you probably already liked or wow'd the original post.

Check it out for yourself on Facebook and let me know if you like the new feature or if it's nothing special.

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