Friday, January 22, 2016

Whatsapp drops its $1 yearly fee

Whatsapp  announced they will drop their yearly $1 fee to use their mobile chat service.  Whatsapp is one of the more popular mobile chat clients for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry that was purchased by FaceBook two years ago for $19 billion.  Since then, Facebook hasn't done much to integrate the chat service into its own FaceBook Messenger but rather let the app continue as a stand alone chat client.

Whatsapp announced that although they chose to terminate the yearly fee, they will not replace the paid model with an ad based model.  They will instead market Whatsapp towards businesses so you may be using Whatsapp to communicate with your bank or as your office communication app.

Whatsapp also has a web based client called Whatsapp Web that works with Google's Chrome browser in which you scan a QR code from your phone and it links your mobile chat to the web browser.  It's a convenient feature if you frequently work from you desk since you can message from your browser instead of picking up your phone.

Additional to the chat services, Whatsapp has the ability to make voice calls over your data connection to other Whatsapp users.  This is a convenient feature to use while traveling abroad and connected to wifi.

Source:  Whatsapp

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