Monday, January 25, 2016

Microsoft wins and loses during the AFC championship game

Microsoft inked a partnership deal with the NFL before last season that would have Microsoft Surface tablets replace paper printouts that NFL teams used to analyze pre-snap formations.  Last year Microsoft had trouble getting TV crews to actually call them Surface tablets and constantly referred to them as "iPads".  This year during the New England Patriots vs Denver Broncos AFC Championship game, Microsoft took another hit.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Google pays Apple $1 billion to keep its search bar on the iPhone

In an unsurprising move Google paid Apple $1 billion to remain the main search provider on iOS devices.  I say unsurprising because Google reportedly paid Apple a similar amount a few years ago for the same privilege.

Whatsapp drops its $1 yearly fee

Whatsapp  announced they will drop their yearly $1 fee to use their mobile chat service.  Whatsapp is one of the more popular mobile chat clients for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry that was purchased by FaceBook two years ago for $19 billion.  Since then, Facebook hasn't done much to integrate the chat service into its own FaceBook Messenger but rather let the app continue as a stand alone chat client.