Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sprint probably shouldn't troll for customers on Twitter

Anyone who knows me should know that I enjoy a good debate.  Some would say I "love to argue" but if I know for a fact that I am 100% right about something, I will make it a point to prove that I am in fact correct and they're just spouting off nonsense.

Well, after T-Mobile announced that their coverage map would be crowd sourced to show true coverage, I wanted to see how correct the map truly is.  I know there is a dead spot in T-Mobile's network where I coach baseball 3 days a week.  By dead spot, I mean a mile down the road I get 4G LTE, but at this location, I barely get 2G and often drop signal all together.  I can receive texts but sending them is often troublesome.  T-Mobile claims that there is 4G LTE in that area so I tweeted them letting them know.

After tweeting T-Mobile, their customer care tweeted me back to discuss the lack of coverage.  After a few tweets, T-Mobile asked me to direct message them, I'm assuming so whatever problems I had weren't out in the public.  Sprint decided to tweet me asking to join their network.  Not only did one Sprint tweet me, but actually three of them tweeted me.  I tried to be nice to the first one, but then I got blunt with the second.

Sprint had a nice response almost acknowledging the fact that their network is weak.

Sorry, MJ, RO, and and JC.  I hope you don't catch much flak from work for your failed attempts to troll.

See the whole Twitter hilarity here, here, and here.

Here's the pics just in case they delete the tweets.

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