Friday, September 5, 2014

The Smart Watch you were waiting for, but you should probably just keep on waiting

I purchased a LG G watch a while back so I could explore Android Wear as it grows from its infancy.  I know it's not the prettiest Android Wear watch, but frankly, there aren't many smart watches that are really attractive.  The Moto 360 on the other hand, is an attractive watch.  It took an extra 2 months to come to market and now that it's available for $249, it probably wasn't worth the wait.

There have been a few criticisms of the Moto 360 and now that it's finally available, all of them seem to be true.

First off, the black bar at the bottom that has been seen in all the demos is still there.  The Android Wear OS is not optimized for round screens and because of this, all round watches will have part of the screen that will always be blank.  Can you live with it?  Probably so

The second flaw is that even though the Moto 360 is thick, it seems like it doesn't get all day battery life.  This is probably going to be the deal breaker for the Moto 360.  People have grown accustomed to having to charge their phone in the afternoon in order for it to make it until bedtime.  But who wants a watch that you have to do the same thing?  My LG G Watch gets all day battery life and when I get home after a typical 10 hour day, I have 60%-70% battery life left.  I check my G Watch after almost every alert and play with Google Now multiple times per day since I'm still learning all the voice commands so I can safely say that it's considered heavy usage.  I can probably wear it another day, but I have only done so leading into a day of little usage (ie Friday at work and Saturday at home).  But if I know I didn't do much on day 1 (Sunday) I can definitely get a second day of heavy use since it will probably still has between 70 and 80 percent left after a slow day at home.  I will have to test it during two heavy usage days, and I'm sure I can make it with the battery level in the teens by bedtime the second day.  With all that being said, I simply don't understand how the Moto 360 can't do the same.  Can you live with it?  Maybe, but I'm sure it'll be annoying after a week or so.

Lastly, the reason why you should wait is the fact that you can't even get one.  The Moto 360 is sold out on the Google Play store.  It went on sale today (5 September) and it's already sold out.  So many people were waiting for this watch because it's the best looking smart watch available and they are all gone.  This is a typical thing on the Google Play Store when items are first available.  Nexus phones typically go from in stock to sold out in minutes for the first month or two they are on sale so expect the same for the Moto 360.

The Moto 360 is the best looking smart watch, but it's looking like it comes with a few compromises.


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