Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Apple claims 18 versions, but are there more?

Apple had their announcement of the Apple Watch today and if you go to their website, they have 18 versions of the watch listed.  (Yes, 18 versions)  But are there actually more than 18 versions?

Yes, there is going to be more than 18 versions of the Apple Watch since none of the 18 they claim include the Apple Watch Editions.  If my math is correct, there will be another 16 versions when you consider the Apple Watch Editions will have two colors, two sizes, and four bands.  Yeah math is hard, but 2x4 is 8 + 2x4 is 8 = 16 versions not listed on Apple's website.

Did we really need 34 versions of the Apple Watch?  I think one or two could have won over at least 20 million lemmings.

Source:  Apple

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