Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is coming to Windows Phone

In the last month or so, Windows Phone (WP8) has added a few notable apps that the other two major mobile OS's (Android and iOS) have had for a while now.  Instagram and Vine have both released apps on Windows Phone in the last two weeks that may or not sway users away from the numerous 3rd party apps (6tag, 6sec, and 6snap) that WP8 owners have been using for a while.  Honestly the 6tag/6sec apps are better featured than the real apps and I believe users will keeps using those until first party developers shut off the APIs and force users to switch.

Now for the announcement that shows that Windows Phone is growing and becoming a bigger player in the mobile world.

Today was a major announcement in mobile gaming.  Not major because the app is so great but major because a major developer; Rockstar games announced that Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is being released in December.  The game will be released on iOS, Android and even Windows Phone.  Time will tell if the game will be on the same level of quality as the iOS and Android versions.  Typically when developers first bring apps over to the Windows Phone platform, the apps aren't as full featured as their iOS and Android counterpart.  We'll have to wait and see if the same happens to GTA: San Andreas or if the app even gets released at the same time on all 3 platforms.  The game is supposed to be released in December but as most people should know, developers aren't the best at meeting their announced release dates.

In the mean time, Windows Phone users should be happy that developers are now seriously considering Windows Phone as a platform to develop, on par with the other two. 

Source:  Rockstar

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