Sunday, August 4, 2013

Amazon Basics Bluetooth Keyboard

Here is a video review of the Amazon Basics Bluetooth Keyboard for iOS and OSX.

One thing that wasn't mentioned in the video is the fact that I had difficulty connecting the keyboard to my MacBook Pro.  The computer would see the keyboard and attempt to connect but it wouldn't allow me to input the random generated passcode.  Also, it wouldn't let me press the associated keys that OSX wanted me to press to properly register the keyboard.  After deleting and adding it a few times, I was able to bypass the passcode and keyboard setup and now it works just fine.  I have no issues with the keyboard's functionality.  The keyboard does disconnect from the computer in about 5 minutes without use which I'm assuming it to conserve battery life.  It's not a deal breaker, just a annoyance if your computer is setup more for media than typing.  Anytime you use the keyboard to change the volume or search for the next movie to watch, you will have to press a key, then wait about 3-4 seconds for the keyboard to connect again before you can type.

Price ($29 w/ tablet stand)
Small size (smaller than the Apple BT keyboard)

Had difficulty connecting it to my MacBook Pro
Disconnects too quickly to save battery life

Bottom line:  After getting over some setup problems the  keyboard is a good alternative to the Apple Bluetooth keyboard.  It provides the same functionality in a smaller, less expensive form factor.


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