Wednesday, April 24, 2013

[Update] Manufactures are trying to replicate what the Surface has already done

I've had my Microsoft Surface RT for about 4 months now and I have so say that it's my "go to" tablet these days.  It doesn't have as many games as the iPad or Nexus 7 or as polished of an OS but it does have something both of those devices don't.....a full internet experience.  Because of the fact that I can get to any website and get the full desktop experience, I have taken my Surface to work with me almost daily.  As most people know, the Surface comes with two keyboard options. the Touch and Type keyboards.  I purchased my Surface with the touch and ended up buying the Type soon after.   I prefer the Type if I anticipate I will have a lot of notes to take.  But if I know I will just be watching basketball or browsing random websites, I'll take the touch keyboard.