Friday, January 25, 2013

Analyze your Facebook data with Wolfram Alpha

Use Wolfram Alpha to analyze your Facebook data and learn a lot about yourself and your friends. 

If you go to Wolfram Alpha and type "Facebook report" in the search box you can get a detailed breakdown of your Facebook activity.  You can use this data to find out almost anything about how you use Facebook like:

  • Your most used words (apparently mine is "Dude")
  • Your most commented on pictures or post
  • Where your friends are located in the world
  • What times and what days you post the most
This was just a short list of what you can see when analyzing your data.  You will have to grant Wolfram Alpha access to your Facebook data but most of you allow any website access to your data which is why you have so many posts you probably don't know about. 

Source:  CNET

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