Saturday, October 15, 2011

iPhone 4S breaks sales records

Despite "ho hum" initial reviews of the recently announced Apple iPhone 4S, the new iPhone set sales records on its first day of availability.  Apple reportedly sold over 1 million units on its first day of sales and it's expected to sell over 4 million units before the weekend is over.  Net revenue over the weekend is expected to surpass the first 4 Harry Potter movies combined which is saying a lot considering the popularity of the movie series.  The iPhone 4S helped Sprint and AT&T set sales records for cell phones sales in a day.

Though the iPhone 4S is cosmetically the same as the outgoing iPhone 4, the phone is upgraded with a new dual core A5 chipset, 8mp camera and Siri.  Siri is a mobile assistant that you can speak to and get results spoken back to you.  An example of this is saying, "How is the weather today?" and Siri will get your location and local weather and respond, "It is expected to rain, you should bring an umbrella."  Siri is used throughout the OS and can be used for multiple tasks such as creating reminders to sending emails.

Some say that the iPhone 4S is selling well because it's the last phone that Steve Jobs personally helped create.  I've also heard heard that it's called the iPhone 4S because its "For Steve".  I doubt that is true but some will make that association.  Regardless of how you may feel or why you decide to purchase the iPhone 4S, there is no doubt that Apple is yet again proven to be a marketing genius.  Apple's shares closed at $422 gaining 14% this week, it's highest closing price ever.

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