Friday, October 14, 2011

Google Voice adding MMS support

If you don't have a Google Voice number by now, you are missing out one of the best mobile technologies going available.  Google Voice allows users to pick a phone number from anywhere area code in the United States and use that number to accept phone calls on your cell phone, office phone, home phone or any other number you want to link it to.  Use this link to find out how Google works.  Keep reading to find out about Google Voice, now with MMS.

Google announced via their Google Voice Blog that they will officially start supporting MMS messaging via Google Voice.  This is a big leap forward because previously users could receive only SMS messages via their Google Voice service.  Some users are reporting to have been notified of incoming MMS messages sent to their Google Voice number via a standard SMS, with the attached picture then forwarded to their email address.  There will be a slow roll out process but users from Sprint and T-Mobile have reported getting this service to work.  Keep in mind that Google took almost 5 years from the purchase of Grand Central to release Google Voice to the masses so don't expect your phone to start receive MMS messages immediately after signing up. 

I would suggest that anyone and everyone sign up for a Google Voice account.  You can do so by going to and using your Gmail account to add Google Voice services.  With Google Voice you have flexibility with your phone number that no home, office or cell phone can provide.  You can instantly block phone numbers of people you do not wish to get phone calls from.  You can set up quiet times that your phone won't receive any phone calls from anyone.  You also have visual and transcribed voicemail that you can send to an email address or to you phone by SMS.  You can make and receive phone calls from your computer as well as text message from your computer.  This service is a must have for ladies in the dating scene.  Imagine that you meet a guy and think he's cute but after the first date you realize that he is a cornball and borderline psycho.  If you gave him your real cell phone # he can still call and text away and it's up to you to ignore him.  If you gave him your Google Voice number, you can set up your own custom voicemail that says, "Please don't ever call me again" and automatically send him to voicemail or block him all together in which he'll get a message saying that your number can not be reached.  Two effective methods of getting this person out of your life without ever having to speak to him again.  You can also mark his phone number as spam and you won't receive his text messages either.

With Google Voice can create custom voicemails for anyone in your contacts.  When your significant other fails to reach you because you are in that meeting at work, instead of them getting a standard greeting, you can record something special that says, "Awww, honey, I'm sorry that I missed your call.  I love you and I'll call you right back when I get the chance."  

With a Google Voice account, you can have one number for the rest of your life that anyone (or no one if you wish) can contact you at.  No more giving people your new office number or new home phone number if you move and wish to remain "old school".  Just link your new phone numbers to your Google Voice account and the person calling you doesn't know the difference at all.

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source:  phandroid

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