Monday, October 24, 2011

Android Market updated to ver 3.1.5 (Update: this is the updated Korean Android Market)

I opened up Android Market today to see if I had any updates waiting for me and I found that the market was updated to version 3.1.5.  This update brings a Windows Phone 7 Metro UI look and feel to the market.  It's still not as fluid or intuitive as WP7 but it's a much appreciated update.  Check out the video after the break.

Update: While I was looking around the net, I'm realizing that this update must be just for the Korean market. Yesterday, my phone was running the old version of the market which is like the one seen here.  Now today, it looks to jump right into the "apps" section of the market.  In the US, users get to pick, Apps, Games, Books, Movies but here in Korea, you only get Apps.  You can see here in the US Marketplace where it looks the same as the Korean Marketplace only in Korea, you don't get the Android Market homepage.

So for those in the US, move along, nothing to see here.  For those in Korea, welcome to 2 months ago, sorta.

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