Wednesday, September 28, 2011

4 New Amazon Kindles

Amazon held a press conference in NYC today to introduce 4 new Kindles all of which should set the e-reader and tablet markets on fire.

First up is the new Kindle
The new wifi Kindle will be priced at an ad supported $79 ($109 without ads) and it is 30% lighter and 18% smaller than the old Kindle. 

Next is the Kindle Touch
The Kindle Touch will be priced at $99 ad supported ($139 without) and features a multi-touch display.  The Kindle Touch will be roughly the same size at the regular Kindle but it will be a few ounces heavier.

The Kindle Touch 3G
The Kindle Touch 3G, priced at $149 with ads ($189, without) is the same as the Kindle Touch except it has free 3G data on AT&T's network.  With 3G, the Kindle Touch 3G will be able to download books on the go using whisper net, this is a must have if you are an avid book reader.

Lastly the Kindle Fire
The Kindle Fire, priced at $199  is a 7", tablet that is running Android although you wouldn't know it by the looks.  It is running is own custom skin on top of Android and it won't have access to the Android Market but you will be able to download apps from the Amazon Appstore.  There is only 8GB of storage on the device with no memory expansion available.  You will however be able to use Amazon Cloud Drive to store all of your Amazon purchased media (videos, MP3's, etc).  Amazon Prime customers will be able to stream from the Amazon Instant catalog of over 10,000 TV shows and Movies.  The Kindle Fire does not have front or rear camera but honestly cameras aren't used very often on tablets anyway.  The Kindle Fire will be released on November 15th.

The Kindle e-readers are a welcomed upgrades from the previous kindles.  They are priced cheaper than Barnes & Noble's Nook e-readers and basically have all the same features.  The ad supported versions of the Kindle are the best options for many people out there.  The ads are only displayed while the kindle is turned off and they do not intrude on the operation of the device.  Non ad supported Kindles show pictures of authors and poets while turned off so replacing those pictures with ads should be worth saving $30.

The Kindle Fire is priced cheap enough that it could be an impulse decision for many people.  I can foresee many of these purchased as gifts and given to parents or kids who wouldn't otherwise purchase a tablet.  I don't see the Kindle Fire as an iPad beater or my favorite tablet the Galaxy Tab 10.1 but rather as a cheaper alternative that will have mass appeal because of the price.  Imagine the iPad as the elephant in the room and its about to be swarmed by 100 monkeys.  It might take a while but eventually it'll be overtaken by sheer numbers.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mobile Chaos update for 16 Sep 2011

Here is your update for the last week or so in the mobile technology world.
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BlackBerry Torch 9850
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Run Windows on your Mac with VMware

VMware updated its Fusion software to ver 4.  With VMware Fusion 4, you can run Windows from your Apple computer without restarting.  VMWare allows users to run Windows in a virtual machine which means you can run windows in a window on your Mac.  This is great for those users who love to use a Mac but need to run programs that are Windows only such as .exe files.

I installed VMware and the whole process took about an hour.  After installing it, I was able to run Windows 7 OS in a virtual machine without too much hassle.  Windows does run as if it was on a 3-4 year old computer so don't expect perfection.  Imagine clicking on something and having to wait 1-2 seconds before the computer registers the click.  It works, just not perfectly.

Alternatively, you can run Windows OS on a Mac computer using Bootcamp but you will have to restart your computer and boot into Windows to use it.  With VMware, you can just click the icon and run Windows along side of your Mac OS X.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September 11th Tribute

On this day, September 11th 2011, 10 years after the attacks on the US, I can proudly say that I am happy to serve and proud to serve my country.  I joined the US Army before the attacks 10 year ago but that doesn't change the fact that I have dedicated 15 years of my life to protecting this country's freedom.  I have inspired my younger brother to join the Army and even my youngest brother to join if he can.  I love my country, I love my job.  I don't ask that you respect me, I only ask that you respect what I do.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Why I gave up on Windows Phone 7

I recently purchased a HD7 Windows Phone 7 device hoping to spend my last month or so in the states testing out WP7 and seeing if it could be a device for me.  After about a week using the phone exclusively, I gave up and went back to Android.  Find out why after the break.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Updated: Lost iPhone 5 really?

Here is the rundown of the latest media stunt out of Cupertino, CA.  Here's the quick summary,  last year, Apple claimed they lost an iPhone 4 in a bar and it was found by some guy who sold it to Gizmodo who gave it back to Apple.  Now suddenly last week Apple reportedly lost another iPhone prototype in a bar called Cava 22.  Now news come out that the SFPD has no reports of a reported lost iPhone.

UPDATE:  Now supposedly the San Francisco Police Department get involved in the new lost iPhone case

So what exactly happened?  Did Apple really lose another iPhone prototype?  Did Apple think the same marketing stunt would work two years in a row?  I mean really, haven't we heard this song before?  First Apple loses an iPhone prototype in a bar.  Then Nokia says, "We lost one too".  And now Apple tries the same trick again.

In the end whether Apple lost another phone or not, the Steve Jobs marketing phenom is working on all cylinders even thought he's gone. 

Weekly update 2 Sep

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ViewSonic Tablets announced at IFA

ViewPad 10pro
I wrote a post for SMR on ViewSonic tablets that got announced at IFA and a few others as well.  Looks like this holiday season is going to finally be the year of the tablet, quality tablet that is.