Monday, August 1, 2011

Dell Steak 7 Reveiw

I call the Dell Streak 7 the little tablet that could. It's not the best tablet on the market but it gets the job done for cheap. I look at it in terms of vehicle shopping. Yes their are Ferrari's and Porsche's out there and they are no doubt great cars. But the average American gets to and from work in their Honda Accord just fine. That's where the Dell Streak 7 comes into play. It's not the greatest tablet out there but if you want to save some money and still do 90% of what anyone can do with an iPad or Galaxy Tab 10.1 then the Dell Streak 7 is the tablet for you. If you want to carry your tablet without a big bag, case or excessive bulk, the Dell Streak is for you. Everything is great about this tablet except the Screen resolution (800 x 480 pixels). Webpages and pictures are pretty grainy but it's nothing you can't overlook by its cheap price. The Dell Streak is a great device for what it is, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking to get something to chill on the couch or by the pool with.

Dell Streak 7 at Amazon

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