Friday, February 25, 2011

Update: Find your lost Android phone with Plan B

If you've lost your Android phone don't fret just yet. Plan B, which is a new app from the makers of Lookout has your back. Install Plan B via the Android Market and your lost phone will start emailing you, your phones location. As your GPS signal locks in its location, Plan B will email you coordinates telling you how accurate the GPS signal is. I tested out the app and I have say that it works perfectly. After I installed the app, I was receiving emails before I even had a chance to switch windows to look at my email. I clicked the first email and my GPS signal was within 48 meters. When I finished looking at the map I already had another email with a better GPS signal within 6 meters.

I could have really used this app when I went to Vegas and lost my BlackBerry 9700. Lookout doesn't make this app for BlackBerry but I wish they would have.

UPDATE:  Plan B really works.  Read this story from Ars Technica to see how one editor used Plan B to locate his phone that he left in a cab in San Diego.

Ars Tecnica story

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