Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Apple fanboyism at its best

Check out this skewed article from Apple Insider.

Damn near every advantage the iPhone supposedly has is because the article skewed the stats for the Android phones.

Knocking the EVO 4G because it has digital video out only??? WTF? Knocking a phone because it "only" has HDMI out? Amazon sells a mini HDMI cable for a whopping $1.17. $4 shipped to get HDMI out of your phone versus buying an expensive iPhone dock or adapter cable thing. Cheapest way I could find to get video out on a iPhone is a $12 adapter and then you still have to buy some RCA cables.

Hmmm, $4 for HDMI or about $15 for some RCA or composite cables??? I think I'll take HDMI.

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