Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Kin is dead

Microsoft's failed attempt of putting two lame phones into the the highly competitive cell phone market has failed. Microsoft tried to get people to buy two over priced, barely feature phones and get VZW to charge a premium as if they were full smart phones and they have failed. Why try to market a limited feature phone as a social networking phone and sell it as if it was a premium smart phone is beyond me. I'm glad the experiment is over.


Apple fanboy come back!

This is getting funny.

Monday, June 28, 2010


One of the funniest things on the internet. Typical Apple lemming.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wow, and you thought the Nexus One had reception issues

Check the link. Yet another iPhone 4 problem. I think Apple and AT&T gave botched this one enough.

Yay, put the antenna in the frame of the phone for better reception. HaHa!


Don't talk on the iPhone 4 with your left hand. You'll more than likely drop a call.

Shake them all live wallpaper

Pretty cool live wallpaper for android. Are you jealous even though you just got a new iPhone 4? Oh wait, your order got canceled? Never mind it just got delayed a few weeks.


Yes, it is 100 degrees outside at 5pm.

How bad can Apple and AT&T screw up a phone launch

Pre-order process botched, stopped after just a few hours
Orders canceled
Wrong confirmation information
User and credit card info sent to the wrong people
Can't even pre-order the white phone
Release dates pushed back

And now the unbreakable glass which is 800 times stronger than diamonds or whatever BS Steve Jobs sold you can actually get scratched pretty easily.

But all you'll hear about in the main stream news is how they pre-ordered 600,000 phones and how great the display is. Steve Jobs, you're a pimp. I really want to be you.

PC mag

Apple fanboyism at its best

Check out this skewed article from Apple Insider.

Damn near every advantage the iPhone supposedly has is because the article skewed the stats for the Android phones.

Knocking the EVO 4G because it has digital video out only??? WTF? Knocking a phone because it "only" has HDMI out? Amazon sells a mini HDMI cable for a whopping $1.17. $4 shipped to get HDMI out of your phone versus buying an expensive iPhone dock or adapter cable thing. Cheapest way I could find to get video out on a iPhone is a $12 adapter and then you still have to buy some RCA cables.

Hmmm, $4 for HDMI or about $15 for some RCA or composite cables??? I think I'll take HDMI.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Simple Mobile Review podcast

I'm moving on up in the tech world. Well, sorta........ I got a shout out on the Simple Mobile Review @SimpleMobileRev podcast. If you listen to "Attention to details" at about the 1 hour, 8 min 30 second point you will here them give a shout out to "Chris......., Let's give him a code name, "Skip" from Mobile Chaos. What the hell kinda mess is that? Skip??? Where did you get Skip from. They could have just called me Christopher like he was going to do or gave me the code name "Chaos". But it's cool. I got mentioned on a podcast for the second time ever. The first time was about 2 years ago when I sent an email to Football Today on ESPN and had it read during the podcast. The Raiders went on to suck once again and it kinda made my email pointless but it was cool none the less.



Come on guys, make it right on your next podcast.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Everything old is new again...Cause Steve Jobs said so

Taken straight from Apple's updated iPhone page. 3 out of the 4 things they hype about the new iPhone 4 have been done before. The new screen is still pretty cool though.

Steve Jobs is a Pimp!

Steve Jobs is the pimp of all pimps. The iPhone 4 was introduced today as many of you may know and Jobs sold it as if he introduced the world to something new. Guess what people? The HTC EVO 4G is a better all around phone!

What exactly makes the EVO a phone? 8mp camera vs 5mp camera, WiFi tethering vs Bluetooth and cable tethering, Free open video chat over a cell network or WiFi vs iPhone to iPhone only video chat over WiFi only. The only feature the iPhone 4 has better is the screen, 960x640 vs 480x800. Will the common consumer notice? Probably not. Yay, finally one thing that's better.

Face it, Apple once again sold the world some shit and told them it was delicacy and Apple Fanboys will eat that shit up. Apple blows donkey balls, The new iPhone blows donkey balls, AT&T's network blows donkey balls and Steve Jobs is a pimp cause once again he marketed a product no better than whats already on the market but conviced everyone it's something new.

The Sprint HTC EVO 4G is a better phone with all the same features (and some better ones) as the new iPhone but it's on a better network, open OS, all its features work on the cell network or WiFi and its cheaper.

Another note that some of you may not know. AT&T will force you to change your data plan and get you on the $5 cheaper 2GB data plan and then make you pay another $20 to tether. With the HTC EVO 4G, you can root and tether for free with UNLIMITED data. You thought you were gonna keep your $30 data plan didn't you? You can keep the plan, just don't upgrade your phone. And don't stop your iPad $30 unlimited data plan either. Once you stop it, when you go back to sign up again, you'll only have the option of 200mb for $15 or 2gb for $25.

Thank you Steve Jobs! Now, I'll have to go another year hearing how your inferior product is better than anything on the market simply because it's made by Apple. Lemmings will shout and cheer how they have a great phone and excuse the fact that you can't make a phone call, email or text in any big city and get charged through the nose to use it. Thanks Asshole!