Friday, May 14, 2010

Why Blackberry is dead

Lets see if I can make this one short.

I have been a die hard BlackBerry fan for close to 5 years now but I have recently defected to Android. Plain and simple, Android does everything single mobile thing better than BlackBerry except for email and IM. Yes with Android you have the ability to use labels and archive and all that with Gmail but its not a simple interface. I can't mark all as read, delete more than one message at once or use keyboard shortcuts to compose, top, bottom reply or forward a message. I didn't think I'd miss these features but I do. BlackBerry also does IM better because most of the BB IM clients integrate with the messages app and its simple to read and reply to IMs.

Every single other aspect of Android is better than BB. All the apps look better, work better, feel better, games look better, widgets are better, app management is better, the market place is better, navigation is better, and best of all its all synced wireless back to your Gmail account. If I get a new soldier, I don't have to whip out my phone to add his or her number to my phone. I only have to open Gmail or Google Voice and add them there. Within minutes the contact is on my phone and fully functional.

Oh, and Google Voice is a killer app. Anyone who can get one, should.

RIM better come out with some quality touch screen phones and a wicked fast interface with BB OS 6 or they are dead in the water. BB will always rule the enterprise market where email is first and foremost. But among consumers, BB is dead last in innovation and user interface. BB step it up or every user that gets to play with an Android phone will be a defector.

Oh yeah, RIM put BlackBerry Messenger on every single mobile platform you can. This is the only app diehard BB users can't live without. Get BBM everywhere and you will make money everywhere.

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