Saturday, May 22, 2010

Welcome the new era of the front facing camera

The idea of a front facing camera is not a new one. Its not a new one by far. My old Nokia N900 had a front facing camera as well as many other phones.

Can Apple make the front facing camera popular? I believe they can. As much as I hate Apple and all their elitist practices, they can make the front facing camera popular. I will bet anyone that a front facing camera will be standard on all smart phones in 2011. I know this because it will be made popular by Apple. Apple has enough followers that when the iPhone 4G comes out in June, the front facing camera will be popular by August.

Do I agree with Apple idiots who will claim their iPhone is the greatest thing since sliced bread simply because Steve Jobs said it is? Hell no, I don't. But Apple has a big enough of a following to create a shift in the market. That shift will be the front facing camera. Sprint EVO 4G owners, don't worry, you made the front facing camera popular before Apple did. Steve Jobs is just pimp of the year and will piss in your cheerios and make you think you have a second rate phone. You don't......You still have the best phone on the market.

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