Friday, May 28, 2010

3G in Sierra Vista

How did this happen? With a population of only 50,000, lil old Sierra Vista got 3G officially yesterday. It started on Thursday when I was getting a couple random 3G signals on my phone. It would come and go and only give me 1 or 2 bars. Yesterday it did the same thing until about 4pm when it was turned on full time. Full 5 bars of 3G service on T-Mobile at my house. It sort helps that I have a cell tower about 150 meters from my house. It's still slow and barely better than EDGE but its better than nothing. I've only been averaging about .65mbps down and .45mbps up but on EDGE I was only averaging .20mbps down and .15mbps up. T-Mobile was officially the first cell phone carrier to bring 3G to Sierra Vista.

Sierra Vista, you're officially on the map.


Tethering will be the next mobile innovation that will be in all future mobile phones. Tethering is a process of using your mobile phone signal to surf the net on another device. The second device could be anything from a laptop, iPad, iPod or even another cell phone if you wanted. Tethering can be done one of three ways; Wifi, USB and Bluetooth. The most convenient ways are WiFi and BT because you don't have to take your phone out of your pocket at all. Just set up the WiFi or BT link and leave your phone where its at and start surfing the web on your iPad. Tethering over USB is a bit more complicated because it will probably require some third party software to get it working.

The iPhone was supposed to get tethering back when OS 3.0 was announce. It was a big deal along with the ability to MMS from an iPhone. Steve Jobs sold everyone on the idea that MMS and tethering were new and coming soon. Well, a year later and MMS was introduced back in September 09 and there's still no tethering on the iPhone. It's been written into the iPhone software because its been available to other countries since Q4 09. Why hasn't Apple turned tethering? The answer is really simple. They haven't turned it on because it'll put even more of a drain on the AT&T network and they want to charge you for everything possible. If you could tether an iPhone to an iPad, why get a 3G iPad? Why pay an extra $129 for the 3G version and then $15/month for 250mb or $30 for unlimited when you could do it all through a tethered iPhone for free or whatever AT&T is going to charge which will be cheaper than any 3G iPad plan plus the extra $129 for the 3G version.

Is tethering new? Apple would like you to thing so, but in reality it's a technology that's been out for years. I've been tethering a blackberry for over 5 years now and I was able to do it on a BB 7290. T-Mobile doesn't charge any extra to tether and I've used it as cheap (slow) access to the internet while deployed to Iraq. The new Froyo (Ardoid 2.2 OS) has tethering built in and its probably only going to be available on the Nexus One more than likely. This phone is solely supported by Google and not restricted by carriers. Eventually tethering in Android will be allowed by carriers but I'm sure it will come at a cost. The Sprint HTC Evo 4G will have tethering for up to 8 devices but it will cost $30/month.

In summary, tethering has been out for 5 or 6 years to my knowledge but somehow in two weeks Apple will make all of its lemmings think its a technology that Steve Jobs himself invented a week ago.

Phones that have supported tethering before the iPhone:

Nexus One
Any Android 2.2 capable phone
Any Blackberry since 2004
Palm Pre plus and Pixi plus

And probably many more that I'm forgetting.

Steve Jobs, you're a pimp because you somehow managed to get millions of people to blindly follow your lead and take your word as if it came from God himself.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Welcome the new era of the front facing camera

The idea of a front facing camera is not a new one. Its not a new one by far. My old Nokia N900 had a front facing camera as well as many other phones.

Can Apple make the front facing camera popular? I believe they can. As much as I hate Apple and all their elitist practices, they can make the front facing camera popular. I will bet anyone that a front facing camera will be standard on all smart phones in 2011. I know this because it will be made popular by Apple. Apple has enough followers that when the iPhone 4G comes out in June, the front facing camera will be popular by August.

Do I agree with Apple idiots who will claim their iPhone is the greatest thing since sliced bread simply because Steve Jobs said it is? Hell no, I don't. But Apple has a big enough of a following to create a shift in the market. That shift will be the front facing camera. Sprint EVO 4G owners, don't worry, you made the front facing camera popular before Apple did. Steve Jobs is just pimp of the year and will piss in your cheerios and make you think you have a second rate phone. You don't......You still have the best phone on the market.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

iPad review

Do you need it? Want it? Or have to have it?

My answers to those questions is a loud and thunderous HELL NO! It's a great media consumption device and that's it. I sucks at anything productive.

This was supposed to be the first video blog before the accessories but youtube screwed me.

3 iPad accessories

Here are three products I use with my iPad. Well worth the money because they are all pretty cheap.

Business card holder
Wire Stand
Rubberized Cover

Screw you Apple for your elitist practices.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Why Blackberry is dead

Lets see if I can make this one short.

I have been a die hard BlackBerry fan for close to 5 years now but I have recently defected to Android. Plain and simple, Android does everything single mobile thing better than BlackBerry except for email and IM. Yes with Android you have the ability to use labels and archive and all that with Gmail but its not a simple interface. I can't mark all as read, delete more than one message at once or use keyboard shortcuts to compose, top, bottom reply or forward a message. I didn't think I'd miss these features but I do. BlackBerry also does IM better because most of the BB IM clients integrate with the messages app and its simple to read and reply to IMs.

Every single other aspect of Android is better than BB. All the apps look better, work better, feel better, games look better, widgets are better, app management is better, the market place is better, navigation is better, and best of all its all synced wireless back to your Gmail account. If I get a new soldier, I don't have to whip out my phone to add his or her number to my phone. I only have to open Gmail or Google Voice and add them there. Within minutes the contact is on my phone and fully functional.

Oh, and Google Voice is a killer app. Anyone who can get one, should.

RIM better come out with some quality touch screen phones and a wicked fast interface with BB OS 6 or they are dead in the water. BB will always rule the enterprise market where email is first and foremost. But among consumers, BB is dead last in innovation and user interface. BB step it up or every user that gets to play with an Android phone will be a defector.

Oh yeah, RIM put BlackBerry Messenger on every single mobile platform you can. This is the only app diehard BB users can't live without. Get BBM everywhere and you will make money everywhere.

Google a failure? Never

For my first post I wanted to talk about the latest internet rumblings that Google's "web only" sales model for the Nexus one is a failure as told by Simple Mobile Review.  It is really a failure or just a victim of its own success? I personally believe the later of the two simply because Android is the only operating system in the mobile market putting out new phones every 2-3 months. The Nexus One was the greatest Android phone on the market for the last 3 months but now its the HTC Incredible on Verizon. In about a month or so, it'll be the HTC EVO 4G on Sprint and the Dell Android phones after that. If you've purchased an iPhone 3Gs last year when they came out, you still have the latest Apple phone on the market. If you purchased a BlackBerry 9700 in Nov, you also have the latest and greatest BlackBerry on the market as well. Have a Palm Pre? Yup, you have the latest and greatest Palm on the market too. Do you have a HTC HD2? Well, I'm sorry you made that decision but you also have the best Windows Mobile phone until the holiday season comes around. You see, that's the only flaw in Google's sales model. They developed a great phone with HTC and it was HOT!!! But with an open OS, other companies can use your OS and put it on whatever the latest technology there is out there. Because of this, HTC was able to develop the Incredible and the EVO 4G, both of which are better than the Nexus One. No wonder Google decided to pull their online sales of the Nexus One. What customer would buy a Nexus One sight unseen from Google when you can buy a better Android phone from Verizon? Not only will you get the discounts from Verizon but you will also get better customer service from them as well.

Since the Holiday season of '09, Google/Android has had the Droid, Droid Eris, Nexus One, Incredible, and My Touch slide all released. In the next 2-3 months there will be the EVO 4G, Samsung Galaxy S, and the Dell Aero phones. We'll excuse the Motorola devour, backflip, cliq, cliq XT and any other low end Android phone that has been released during the same 6 month period. How many BlackBerry's have been put out during that time? Zero (the Bold 9650 and Pearl 9100 will be out soon). How many iPhones have been out? Zero (well the one that was "left/stolen" at a bar in Cali purely for gossip and attention purposes). How many Palm's? Two, the Pre + and Pixi + which are old phones released with more memory on VZW and AT&T. How many Win Mo phones? One, the HD2 which promptly got everyone's feelings hurt when Microsoft said it wouldn't get Windows phone 7 series phone series [sic].

So is Google's sales model a failure? Hell no! Could they have made some changes to increase the sales tremendously? Hell yes! Put the phone in Amazon and in Best Busy stores and watch the sales go through the roof. Nerds and Geeks want a phone free from carrier restrictions. That was the major appeal of the Nexus One. The phone will get updates when Google pushes them out, not when a carriers drags their feet and say, "If we wait to push this update out, we can get people to upgrade to a new phone and increase our sales." Carriers have no incentive to push out any updates at all. They allow customers to want the latest and greatest apps which are all built and optimized for the latest OS's available and when they bitch about how slow their phone is, carriers just tell them to upgrade their phone. They can catch 4 out of 5 people with this same sales model. The 1 out of 5 are people who do know there is an upgrade available will do so and not have to complain about how slow their phone is.

In summary, Google, keep kicking ass and soon you will take over the mobile world by producing kick ass mobile products. Fine tune your sales model and get your devices in a few more people's hands in places like Best Buy and other mobile retailers and you'll eventually change the mobile market. With most carriers choosing LTE as their 4G solution, you're unlocked phone sales model will be the best thing on the market. Make it so I can go into a best buy and pick up a great "Google phone" that is backed by Google and unlocked so I can put it on any carrier and you'll have all of the Big 4 carriers shaking in their boots trying to figure out how to counteract the Google mobile giant.